help me troubleshoot - ALSA, MPD or USB preamp issue

Need help with MPD?
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help me troubleshoot - ALSA, MPD or USB preamp issue

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I'm running Audiophile linux with all packages except the kernel upgraded to the latest versions in the arch package library. Music is stored locally on this host. I have an interesting issue I'm continuing to encounter. After playing 2 songs in MPD I lose output to my Rotel RC-1590 preamp. MPD will continue to play the next song, but I see these ALSA errors in the mpd.log :

Feb 17 19:39 : exception: Failed to play on "R20" (alsa): snd_pcm_writei() failed: No such device
Feb 17 19:39 : exception: Failed to open audio output

Stick with me here. Obviously there appears to be a problem with either ALSA or the Rotel communicating. However, I did some experimenting with running a spotify stream to the same host (using spotifyd) and it will play on and on without issue. Which is why I'm here asking for assistance in troubleshooting this.

I have tried different usb ports on the host (a Dell Latitude E5250) but encounter the same issue. It is only resolved by either rebooting the laptop or changing the input on the preamp and then changing it back to pc-usb or power cycling the preamp.

!!ALSA Version

Driver version: k5.2.10-rt5-1-rt
Library version: 1.2.4
Utilities version: 1.2.4

Music Player Daemon 0.22.6 (0.22.6)

Linux loki 5.2.10-rt5-1-rt #1 SMP PREEMPT RT Thu Sep 5 18:02:08 IST 2019 x86_64 GNU/Linux
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Re: help me troubleshoot - ALSA, MPD or USB preamp issue

Post by max »

I don't think anybody here can help you. This problem has nothing to do with MPD. The kernel has decided that the sound device is gone - maybe because it thinks it has been unplugged. Check the kernel logs for details.

Different programs can make a difference if you configured to access the hardware differently. This I cannot tell, because you posted no information.
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