Problem with Raspberry Pi & 48kHz files.

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Problem with Raspberry Pi & 48kHz files.

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I am using upmpdcli/mpd_0_21_5 on a Raspberry Pi as a dedicated upnp renderer, with either HiFiBerry DAC+, or USB DAC (I have 2 x RPis).

Media server is MinimServer on the same device. This combination works great most of the time except for some files which are .m4a/48kHz/320kbps. I have files which play fine which are .m4a/44.1kHz/320kbps and .m4a/48kHz/256kbps and .mp3/44.1kHz/320kbps.

The problem files will play for a few seconds (3-10) and then stop. I can play these files with VLC, foobar or potplayer without any problem. I don't know if this is related to config of mpd, upmpdcli, or something else Pi-specific. I have installed ffmpeg to the Pi, but the mpd.config file is pretty much out of the box after installing to Raspbian.

Any suggestions welcome.
PS MPD is great...

EDIT: I have established through experimentation and investigation that the bad files were created with foobar, using its own codec package, whereas all the good (playable) files were created using iTunes, which suggests a dodgy codec in foobar. But I am still interested to know why other players will play these files, but mpd won't. Is it that fussy?

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Re: Problem with Raspberry Pi & 48kHz files.

Post by max »

I think you should first apply all MPD bugfixes before we investigate further. Your MPD version is 9 bug-fix releases behind. If the latest version still has this problem, write a bug report and upload a file which fails.

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