MPD with MPC as Radioplayer with Timer !

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MPD with MPC as Radioplayer with Timer !

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First of all for information
I use after programming the MPD / MPC client as a radio program.
I use the crontab as a timer and work with Volume + - as well as pause and repeat. with 24 different playlists and the random number generator. Everything works great. We are a citizen radio so charitable.

A tip on Volume is: It works if you add mpd.conf like this.
audio_output {
        type "httpd"
        name "Radio Artern 128 kb"
        encoder "lame" # optional, vorbis or lame
        port "7200"
# bind_to_address "" # optional, IPv4 or IPv6
# quality "5.0" # do not define if bitrate is defined
        mixer_type "software" # optional
        mixer_device "default" # optional
# mixer_control "PCM"
        bitrate "128" # do not define if quality is defined
        format "44100: 16: 1"
        max_clients "0" # optional 0 = no limit

Important is Mixer_type and Mixer_device !! to build like that

Now I can also announce a bug. mpc random off turns on Random on after 60 min alone!
best wishes Jörg
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Re: MPD with MPC as Radioplayer with Timer !

Post by max »

You should use the bug tracker to report bugs.

And no, mixer_device is not important. This option does not exist.
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