Feature request: Limiting the sample rate

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Feature request: Limiting the sample rate

Post by bnilsson »

audio_output_format <sample_rate:bits:channels> can either follow the media format, or be enforced to a specific setting.

If you (like me) would like to achieve "bit perfect" audio if possible, it is usually a bad idea to enforce the format.
However, if you (like me) have a DAC which doesn't do 192kHz very well, and have (like me) several tracks coded in 192kHz sample rate in the music library, it is a very difficult situation. Either you can't play some tracks with this DAC, or you lock the sample rate to a setting which sometimes is different than which is coded in the media files, which in turn violates the "bit perfect" principle.

A solution would be to LIMIT the sample rate by some method, e.g by writing "=<96000:*:*", meaning that sample rate would follow the media up to 96000, but higher media sample rate would be enforced to 96000.
Would this be a feasible idea?


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Re: Feature request: Limiting the sample rate

Post by Rasi »

a solution would be to use pulseaudio with samplerate 88200 and alternate_samplerate 96000, which basically fulfills all use cases.

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