Searching tracks by sticker value

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Searching tracks by sticker value

Post by PierreRust »


I've been studying the mpd protocol lately, and I did not find any command to search a list of tracks that have a sticker with a given value. For example if I use stickers to store rating, I don't see any way of getting the list of songs with rating 3.

Of course, I can use "sticker find" and filter the result in my client's code, but as most of my tracks have rating, this is not efficient as the command returns all the tracks with a rating sticker.

Am I missing something ? Is there any reason for not having this command in the protocol ? Maybe it's a lack of developer time or interest, in which case I might be able to help.

Thanks !
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Re: Searching tracks by sticker value

Post by max »

No such option exist, though it would be possible to add a "value" argument to "sticker find". Patch welcome.
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Re: Searching tracks by sticker value

Post by Rasi »

If someone implements this, please add the possibility to search for things like "equals or greater as"
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