gmpc on multiple machines issue?

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gmpc on multiple machines issue?

Post by hroberts89436 »

I am not sure if this is an issue, or the way the software is designed or if there is away to do what I would like. I also am not sure if this should be here or in mpd help.

I have multiple machines: ubuntu1(mpd installed, and all music files), ubuntu2, ubuntu3, fedora1, mac1, mac2, windows1, windows2;

What I would like to do is have mpd be only a server and not the only player. for instance, if I launch gmpc on ubuntu2, I would like to play the music on ubuntu2, and allow someone else to launch gmpc on mac1, and the music plays on mac1. but if I launch gmpc on ubuntu1, I would like it to play there also.and so forth.

My wife has a HUGE collection of German music, my Mother-in-Law has quite a few Portuguese albums, as well as mine from the US, UK, Germany, Japan. and my kids music (whatever crap they are listening to today) I would like to have all of them on my music server. Already well over 60,000 (yes I ripped all of these from my personal CD collection)

I hope this makes sense. If this is not possible, can you recommend another program to allow me to do this?
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Re: gmpc on multiple machines issue?

Post by Ran »

I don't believe the issue is with GMPC. You will need to have your music stored in a centralized location (NAS) and have each of your computers access it over the network. You can potentially install MPD on each computer and have it play locally.
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