MPD ready to party? ;)

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MPD ready to party? ;)

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hate to say it but im hope im at the right place O.o
its hasnt really got anything to do with mpd but still the best place to ask i guess..

thought of a good birthday present for a friend of mine..
ussually i´d just get her some wine or something, but since she now owns a bar shes got enough of that..
but she´s already paid for inet the last 2 months without having anything setup
and her "sound system" consists out of a cd-player..

so i was thinking i might as well give her an upgrade
the only problem ive got theres got to be some "wow"
who cares about some wifi etc....

well thats how i ended up here..
im hoping to use the mpd as jukebox on a raspberry pi.. no problem that far i hope (ty google)
but since im planning to setup a free wifi i´d also like to offer everyone access to the jukebox..

let them browse the library and choose some songs like u could do at a dj
or a voting system for whats next on the list

either way it has to be ok´ed by the owner first before some drunkard uploads and plays some weird stuff :twisted:

after reading about RelaXXPlayer im guessing theres some solution..

in short:

hardware: raspberry pi +ext. soundcard or some cheap pc
software: open wlan -> internet login -> auto redirect -> "oh thats my song"

what do u think?
which client (& server :P ) would be the best for that?

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