OHU/OHM SongCast Stream Decoder

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OHU/OHM SongCast Stream Decoder

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Just wondering if anyone out there is actively developing or considering developing an input plugin for MPD which would allow it to accept URI in the OHU/OHM format required by a SongCast receiver.

Details about the format can be found here: http://openhome.org/wiki/Av:Developer:Songcast:Ohm

From what I can find/understand the audio is transmitted as big endian PCM, so from what I can see there should not be too many issues in playing this through MPD. However, my experience in writing decoders is limited to non-existent, so there may be more implications than I am aware of.

If you are developing or interested, I would like to hear from you to see how you are getting on or if we could work together in order to create the input plugin required.

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Re: OHU/OHM SongCast Stream Decoder

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If you need assistance, use the developer mailing list or the developer IRC channel. Do not use the forum for developer questions.

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