MPD uses RIFF tags not ID3 tags

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MPD uses RIFF tags not ID3 tags

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Hi Max, hi all,

My problem is that I have files which have both tags configured RIFF and ID3 tags (e.g. WAV files).
I would like to force MPD to read the information stored in the ID3 tags and not the information in the RIFF tags.
Is there a flag to configure this behavior?

Here is an example in kid3:
kid3-riff-vs-id3-tags.png (45.12 KiB) Viewed 1625 times

If I let MPD scan / import the file it always takes the RIFF information and not the ID3 tag information although the ID3 tags have often way more information.

Thank you for your great work on this project,
Greetings Max

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Re: MPD uses RIFF tags not ID3 tags

Post by max »

MPD always prefers "native" tags over "generic" tags. "Native" tags are the ones supported natively by the audio codec (i.e. RIFF tags for RIFF files, VorbisComments for Ogg and FLAC), and "generic" tags are ID3 and APE (which can appear in any file format). There's no configuration option to change this.
What you can do is use a decoder plugin which doesn't support RIFF tags; "sndfile" does support them, but "audiofile" does not. I'm not sure about FFmpeg.

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