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mpd playing sound on noxon (without http-server)?

Posted: November 5th, 2015, 12:12 am
by mpd-I-love-it
I had mpd running on an older laptop with (l)ubuntu for years. In the last mounths I had to give away the old lap and so I played with different solutions. Finaly I succesfully installed mpd on a Bufallo-NAS (ls-wxl), but it has no audio-output. So I tried to use the http-Output to send the sound to a noxon-Internet-Radio.- this did not work realy good... the NAS has not enough Power and so the sound interrupted every 1-2 seconds for some seconds. Not very nice for listening to good music!
My question: Is there another possibility to "feed" the noxon radio from mpd without using the case-intensiv http-server-output? On win7 I can simply send a music-track to the noxon by pressing right mouse-button and click "send to device" - "Noxon".
Any ideas?
(Sorry for my bad english!)
Greetings fh