mpdproxy -- passwordless mpd for given IP ranges

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mpdproxy -- passwordless mpd for given IP ranges

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I wrote this a year or so ago and just got around to releasing it in case it's useful for anyone else.

It's a simple proxy server for MPD written in Node.js which is configured with a port to run on (I run the proxy on 6600), the real MPD's host, port (I run that on 6601) and password and a list of IP address ranges.

Clients connecting to the proxy from non-whitelisted ranges get traffic passed through untouched and so are prompted for a password. (Obviously if there is no password on MPD there's no point in this proxy.)

Clients connecting from whitelisted ranges have the password automatically entered for them as soon as MPD asks for it, so it appears to the client as if no password was required.

Hope it's useful for somebody else. Comments, suggestions, patches welcome.

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