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Better than mopidy ?

Posted: November 11th, 2020, 4:51 pm
by Coline

I have installed mopidy on a laptop. Many things work well : the server runs well, I can connect many devices...But I have some problems :
  • Some covers don't appear, I don't know why...
  • Some artists don't appear either...I obviously did the right tags, I can play their albums but I can't see them in some parts (the Artist part in the web-client IRIS)...
  • I can't update the library from a client (the option is here, is active, but it's not working)
  • I wanted mopidy to use Youtube but honestly, it's not working well...
  • Some other minor problems...
I like the IRIS web-client, it's pretty responsive, works on a 5" smartphone, I can search by album or artist (or tracks, but I didn't really understand this thing).

I would like to know if MPD is more reliable, more stable, more efficient ? Can I use a good web-client on many devices with it ? It seems that IRIS is a mopidy extension...

Thank you ! :)

Re: Better than mopidy ?

Posted: November 11th, 2020, 7:45 pm
by max
Only one thing is sure: MPD is more efficient than Mopidy, because MPD is written in C++, and Mopidy is written in Python. For the same task, Python is usually slower than C++ by orders of magnitude.

More reliable, more stable? - I have no idea, I have never used Mopidy, so I can't compare.

If you had those problems with MPD, we could talk about them. And I'm sure the Mopidy developers would be willing to help with your Mopidy problems.

There are many clients for MPD, some of them are web clients, though I wouldn't want to use a web client when I can have a native client instead, and there are native clients for most devices/operating systems. But that's a matter of taste. Just like it's a matter of taste if one prefers MPD or Mopidy (or any other music player software). It's your choice. Both programs are free, so try them both.

Re: Better than mopidy ?

Posted: November 11th, 2020, 9:50 pm
by Coline
Why you wouldn't want to use a web client ?

I guess I got some problems with IRIS more than mopidy. It's pretty difficult to have some help on these subjects and honestly, I have neither time or talent to try many solutions or corrections.
I just like stable softwares and I'm looking for that. Something that works once so it works forever. I can't decently ask for all the little problems which occur. I can't explain them, I can't describe them well, I can't help. Installing mopidy already took me 20 hours and it's not working well. I really don't want to waste 20 hours on installing MPD, a Web-Client and other things to get to the same point.

Oh, I tested MALP on f-droid. It didn't work really well, don't really know why...I don't know if there are other free clients ?

Thank you for your opinion !