gmpd.js - Google Play Music support for MPD

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gmpd.js - Google Play Music support for MPD

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Project Info

A Node.js application that lets you stream music from Google Play Music to Music Player Daemon. You can search and browse artists, albums and tracks (then send to MPD) in a Play Music-lite web interface, across all of your devices. Intended for Google Play Music (All Access) subscribers.



Please see the Github page.


Some years ago, I created the first iteration of gmpd using PHP and Python. The idea was to have some web UI that let me browse content on Google Play Music and then send streams to MPD. I run MPD on a headless server and never liked that I had to switch to Chromecast to use my Google All Access subscription while at home. Although it was fairly rudimentary back then, the app was easy enough for anyone to use and enabled me to simultaneously queue music from my own collection and from Google Play Music, using any device on the home network.

Later on, when my brother discovered the project and liked the concept, we agreed to rewrite the whole thing using Node.js and Angular Material. This would give us better performance and a better (more app-like) user interface across devices. Well, it turned out great, and I've been using it regularly more-or-less without issue for several years now.

I don't know why we didn't share it with the community sooner; perhaps we expected it to be a much more short-lived project than it has been. In any case, I've been working on some minor improvements over the last week and finally decided to promote the project in hopes that others might find it useful as well.


Feedback and/or contributions are absolutely welcome!
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