Sleep timer and web gui.

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Sleep timer and web gui.

Post by VoS »

I have mpd running on a Raspberry pi and it works great!
Ive got it set up in my bedroom and I fall asleep to music from it most every night..

Reading my title you probably see where im going with this.. is anyway to get some sort of sleep timer or sleep mode working on mpd.
I want to be able to tell it to stop playing after an hour (or some other random time limit).
I havent been able to find any clients with this option so I'm guessing mpd does not have it?

Are there any ways I can get this option?

Also, what web based GUI do you guys recommend?
Have been using Auremo for windows so far (and it works nicely) but I would rather have a webpage I can just surf to and control it from.

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Re: Sleep timer and web gui.

Post by Qball »

For the timer check the nix tools at and cron.
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