ASUS RT-N16 powerful enough for MPD?

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ASUS RT-N16 powerful enough for MPD?

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I'm currently running an old P4 PC with Linux and MPD as a music server for my bedroom. I'm not happy to be wasting the electricity and space and generating the heat to run the old PC 24x7 just so I can easily play some music in my bedroom a few hours a week and have been looking around for some small (low power) "PC on a board" to do the job instead. I got my old Linksys NSLU2 running MPD but the lack of a FPU means that the performance really sucks. Some music formats work, others don't. I know I could probably muck about and find/compile integer only codecs etc. but it seems too much like flogging a dead horse.

So I have decided that the most sensible option would be to upgrade the my old DG834G WiFi router to something a bit more powerful, install one of the open firmware options on the new router, and run MPD there.

My research has lead me to the RT-N16. I know it's not the latest and greatest but seems to have everything I need and great community support. My only concern, after my efforts getting the NSLU2 running, is power to run MPD with all common codecs. I only have mp3, ogg and flac. I think the NSLU2 struggled with the ogg...

Is anyone here actually using an RT-N16 as an MPD server?

Any suggestions for a firmware for this task? All the box will be doing is wireless access point, NFS client (to access my music collection) and MPD server.


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Re: ASUS RT-N16 powerful enough for MPD?

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what cpu does this thing have?

general rule: disable any kind of samplerate conversion. (most effectively done by outputting straight to hw:0)
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Re: ASUS RT-N16 powerful enough for MPD?

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Yes, as you said yourself, if you have a FP unit ogg most likely will work (without you can forget it)
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Re: ASUS RT-N16 powerful enough for MPD?

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Hmm, does it suck that badly even if MPD uses Tremor (the integer-only Vorbis decoder)?
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