MPD release 0.19.17

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MPD release 0.19.17

Post by tortuga_Bob »

I was wondering if anyone could explain the significance of the new DSD spec: the “silence” pattern is now 0x69 instead of 0x00? What does this mean and how does this affect DSD playback? Thanks in advance.
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Re: MPD release 0.19.17

Post by VAMP »

Hi! I created issuse about it!
I have DAC`s who clickic`s when switch track`s in Dop mode with MPD .
But i download daphile, and is not click`s. I asked him (daphile owner) how to solved this
He tell in e-mail.
You have to study DoP format specification. You also have to understand that you may not use zero bits for padding in the last frame of the stream (between tracks). If you handle DoP encoding track by track, then you must use such a padding that don't cause audible clicks. Search Internet for DSD silence patterns (eg. 0x69).

ALSO fow question how to do this, he says

Any competent developer should be able implement it as long as she/he understands to use "DSD silence pattern" (e.g. 0x69) instead of "zeros" for padding the incomplete DoP frames.

But sorry, it does not help (

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