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Quesion about playing podcasts

Posted: March 8th, 2016, 6:54 pm
by diskotechjam
Sorry if I am missing something obvious here, but i am having a problem figuring out the best way to browse and play files without adding them to my library. My current setup is a Music folder with subdirectories labeled Artists (this is my long-term library with proper tags), Podcasts (these are deleted after a couple weeks and usually have improper tages), and a symlink to Downloads (which is just a catchall for recently downloaded files that have not been sorted). In order to avoid clutter, I don't want Podcasts or Downloads to be added to my library, but I want to be able to play them through mpd.

I've noticed that all my clients include a file browsing mode which allow me to browse the folder structure of my database, so i figured this could be solved via mpd. I've tried adding folders to my ignore list and playing around with conf settings, but i haven't been successful. For the moment, I have gotten around it by enabling local file browsing in ncmpcpp, but this is a limited solution if i want to access mpd over the network.