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Re: MPD and Tags

Post by max »

TSOC is not part of the ID3 specification, it's a proprietary Apple extension.
TMED, TFLT, TOWN sound rather useless.
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Re: MPD and Tags

Post by v.kostas »

Hi @max
Indeed, TSOC is not in id3v2.3 nor in id3v2.4. How I missed that :o :o :o? My bad.

The usage of tags could be subjective (MediaType-TMED, FileType-TFLT and FileOwner-TOWN)
Pesonnally they help me have better selection. I have many versions of the same song coming from different extracts (CD, DVD, BD, Vinyl, and also including various formats).

If you have no intention to consider any of the tags listed in my previous post, I have no other option than accepting it.
You own this development, so you decide. I won't enter the "game" of trying to convince you, especially if you already have made your decision. :) :) :)
But if my help would ease the "approval" somehow then please let me know so I give it a try.

Thanks a lot!
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