newbiew - whole house audio, podcast, sync

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newbiew - whole house audio, podcast, sync

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I found out about MPD while searching for a whole house audio solution. I'm looking for a system where I have a few Raspberry Pi's acting as audio players connected to speakers, and spare Android phones as well as web browser for the audio system interface. I want to play MP3 files stored locally, podcasts, and streaming radio from internet sources (mp3 from online source, Pandora, etc). I'd like to be able to have multiple rooms play any of these sources while in sync.

That's all :D

I've tried using Logitech Media Server, but their podcast client navigation was slow and clumsy and the sync did not work well.

My (very newbie) understanding of MPD is that you need other pieces to make it all work. Does anyone know of a good "this is how to do it" guide? From my reading, I don't really understand how podcasts are added and how one navigates the episodes for any particular podcast with MPD.

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