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MPD and display web radio name and infos

Posted: March 22nd, 2014, 10:47 am
by steff

I am playing around with MPD running in a dedicated miniPC with Ubuntu server. This MPD therefore runs on a headless PC and i control the server using Auremo on Windows or MPDroid on Android tablet.

After tricking a lot with the best configuration, an external 192 kHz DAC "audiophile grade", a NAS hosting my music, etc.... then I am facing problems with Internet Radio.

There are lot of web \ internet \streaming radio aroud.
From the MPD client I can add a stream by typing the url ( for example ) and it works fine but...
I can save different streaming URLs in a .m3u text file in my playlist directory on the Ubuntu and I can browse them from every MPD client, but how display the NAME of the web radio?
In other words... various entries of a playlist are displayed on the client just with url and the radio name pops up just when I play it.
With severals radio in a playlist it is not possible to open every one in order to get the right one.
Even using extended .m3u files, it does not work.

How display the radio name on the client without playing the stream itself ?
(P.S.: my MPD clients are NOT connected to the internet, just the MPD daemon)