Album artist tag fallback

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Album artist tag fallback

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Hi all,

I'm checking if I would be able to manage and play my music library with mpd. I was glad when I saw that there is a support for ALBUM ARTIST tag but it seems to me, that there is no fallback mechanism when this tag is empty. For example Ario and MPDroid both can filter database by ALBUM ARTIST but in this case items without this tag are not showed.

I think that Foobar2000's way described here ... remappings is the only correct. (Foobar2000 is imho an etalon of music player/database application).

I wonder if this feature should be provided by mpd itself or by the client, but I'm pretty sure that this should be the database feature, so mpd is better choice.

Can please someone tell me if such mapping can be added to mpd? Or if it is already there and I'm just blind ;)

best regards

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