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Google Play Music Proxy

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Today I'm releasing a new project that can be interesting for any MPD users (like me).
Let me know if you like it!
This program permits the use of Google Play Music with All Access subscription with any music player that is able to stream MP3 files and M3U playlists (e.g., MPD server, VLC, ...). It can work also with a free account without All Access extras.

Google has released a nice music service and now it is even more interesting with the All Access option. The Google-way to listen your collection and the stations is by means of Android devices or any web browser. If you want to use your TVs or HiFi audio systems, the main tool is the Chromecast key. I can't buy one (at the moment it is not available in my country) and it looks a bit closed. Even more I already got a music-system based on a PC connected to my HiFi audio system: it is based on MPD and I would like to continue to use it.

My project is based on the great Unofficial Google Play Music API of Simon Weber: it already permits to create URLs to stream the tracks as regular MP3 but they expire in 1 minute! This proxy generates persistent URLs that never expire and that you can add to any playlist.

This is not supported nor endorsed by Google. It's aim is the abuse of the service but the one to open the ways to access this great service.

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