How to play MPD on a synology ...

Need help with MPD?
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How to play MPD on a synology ...

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Sorry I don’t speak English, but if anyone could help me, I thank them in advance.
I am using MPD, which works fine, as a server.
But I would like MPD which is installed with Linux, can find the music directory which is on a NAS, which is a SYNOLOGY.

I have enabled SMB and NFS in shared file, but nothing to do, it cannot find the directory where the music is.
Thank you in advance.

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Re: How to play MPD on a synology ...

Post by doronbehar »

Do you have an address of the smb share?

With the address you should be able to put in mpd.conf:

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music_directory "smb:<PUT YOUR PATH HERE>"
For example, I have this path:

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And this worked for me:

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music_directory "smb://ZENIX/Music"
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