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[Solved] cifs/smbfs: Failed to create sticker table: database is locked

Posted: October 22nd, 2017, 5:46 pm
by Muffinman
Hello All,

I was writing a message asking for help but I already found my answer so it seems. Hence, I'll write down a knowledge article. Perhaps it helps someone else (or future me).


I've upgraded my system to Debian Jessie running kernel 4.1.6 and have problems storing the sticker sql database on a cifs server.

In the past all was working without issue, but now I get the following fatal error:
exception: Failed to create sticker table: database is locked

If I store that database locally on my internal storage, MPD starts fine.

I compiled the latest version of MPD, as well as 0.17.6, just to check nothing has changed on that end.

Answer: add the following option when mounting cifs volume: nobrl

For more info, see: ... 16801.html ... 01583.html

Kind regards,