Broken pipe

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Broken pipe

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Hello and thank you for this forum.

I hope my post fits in this particular board.

I try to use mpd version 0.19.1-1.1 on my raspberry pi (from the repos) with the python-mpd2 library. Everything works fine, except when the client is on "standby" for a considerably long time (around 4 hours or longer). With standby I mean that after connecting to the mpd server on localhost, port 6600 and maybe run a playback I issue the command "stop" and leave the the client for about 4 hours or longer.

When I do this, I cannot start the client again (issuing the command "play") without getting an

Code: Select all

[Errno 32] Broken pipe

Is this behaviour intended?
If yes, why and can it be changed?
If no, why does it happen on my raspberry pi? :)

Also: is it possible to provoke the broken pipe error more quickly - it's hard to test a solution when you have to wait 4 hours every time you change something? ;-)

Thank you in advance for your help!

I'd be glad to give you more information, if you need it!

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