stereo channels switching randomly

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stereo channels switching randomly

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Hi folks,

I have a bit of a weird problem where mpd keeps randomly switching the stereo channels during playback. (i.e. left channel out of right speaker, right channel out of left speaker.) This happens at seemingly random times, usually two or three times during a song. I have tried to track down the problem but I am completely stuck, there is no indication in any log files, (dmesg, syslog, mpd log, etc). I have tried using different outputs in mpd (pulseaudio, alsa) and the problem exists with both. I think this must be related to mpd since when I play music using VLC this doesn't happen. Has anyone experienced this kind of behavior before? or have any idea what could be causing it?

I a running mpd on a RasberryPi running OSMC, using the HiFiBerry DAC+

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated,

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