Configuring SMB/CIFS share in mpd.conf not working

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Configuring SMB/CIFS share in mpd.conf not working

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Hi all,

I'm running MPD 0.19 on a Raspberry Pi B under ArchLinux and I'd like to access my SMB share with MPD without having to mount it in the underlying OS.
According to the MPD documentation this could be done by defining the SMB share directly in the mpd.conf directory. Therefore I have added the following line:

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music_directory   smb://path_to_share
I have given access to the directory in Windows 7 to "Everyone" and also "Guest", but still the files aren't accessable and the mpd log in systemctl reads:
errno: smbc_open() failed: Permission denied
So under what user name does mpd try to access the share or is this configurable? To my knowledge the login credentials cannot be configured in MPD.

Any help would be appreciated.

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