Minidlna + MPD : not work

Need help with MPD?
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Char Snipeur
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Minidlna + MPD : not work

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Hi all.

I plan to make a media server with a Raspberry Pi. So I test configuration on my Debian Jessie PC. package "minidlna" and "mpd" are installed from debian repository.
My Minidlna server works and I can navigate in database with my Oppo BDP103 (BLuray player).
When I configure MPD to "UPNP", I can see (through ncmpcpp) my PC in BROWSER tab.
BUT when I try to browse my PC, I see nothing. MPD log file show this short error :
Jul 10 20:02 : upnp: UpnpSendAction() failed: UPNP_E_INVALID_URL

Could you help me ?

Another question, I wish to use MPD to play music on local directory + DLNA + SMB, but MPD fail to start if I use more than one plugin.
Have you any idea to work around this problem ??

Thank you

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