Database lists single track multiple times

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Database lists single track multiple times

Post by tipichris »

I've encountered an odd problem after adding five tracks to my music directory, on a system that has run without issue for several years.

After a database update, each of the five new tracks (all in the same directory) is listed five times. Using GMPC as a client, playing each of the five versions works. The data listed for each are all correct except the length. Each of the five versions has a different length, corresponding to the lengths of each of the five tracks in the directory.

GMPC reports that the path to each of the five versions of a single track is different, consisting of a directory path that actually is the full file path, plus a filename such as 'track001.flac'. For example, the single track

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appears as five tracks

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The same pattern is repeated for all five tracks,

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mpc -h musicplaye search album "Friday Night"
returns 25 tracks rather than 5.

The tag data for this track looks like this:

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TITLE=Frevo Rasgado
ARTIST=Paco de Lucía, Al Di Meola and John McLaughlin
ALBUM=Friday Night in San Francisco
although I have tried all sorts of things, including adding TOTALTRACKS, changing the spelling of Lucía to use ascii only, etc

The music directory is on an NFS share mounted locally. MPD is version 0.15.0 - old, but it's never given me a problem before and has been running since about 2010 on an old EEEPC dedicated to the task (see this blog post for more on the setup).

Any ideas what's going on here?

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Re: Database lists single track multiple times

Post by skidoo »

According to your blog Ubuntu is in use. Current release ist 15.04... time to upgrade and you get MPD 0.19 for free :)

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Re: Database lists single track multiple times

Post by Rasi »

mpd 0.15 is not supported anymore... for years now.

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