“Failed to open audio output” error with pulseaudio

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“Failed to open audio output” error with pulseaudio

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Hi folks,

I'm not sure if this is an mpd or a pulseaudio problem, so I originally posted it in great detail on AskUbuntu. But it's not getting a lot of love there, and as I troubleshoot it, it looks like the problem might lie with mpd so I found this forum.

I'm on Ubuntu 14.04, pulseaudio 4.0 (also tried 5.0), Music Player Daemon 0.18.7. Basically mpd works fine with alsa and pulseaudio works fine with everything I can throw at it except mpd.

mpd.conf is straightforward (and as I mentioned is working fine in all other regards) - here's the pulseaudio portion:

Code: Select all

 audio_output { 
    type "pulse" 
    name "General Pulse" 
But (from mpd.log) as soon as mpd starts it reports:
pulse_output: Failed to enable "ROCKI" [pulse]: pa_context_connect() has failed: Connection refused
mpd and pulse audio are both running under my user ("fred").

This gentleman had a similar problem and the apparent cause was "MPD could not find the already-running pulseaudio instance because the environment variable XDG_RUNTIME_DIR was not set, and that’s where pulseaudio stores its files (the socket, the process pid, etc)." His fix did not work for me, but I wonder if it's not close to what's going on.

I'm happy to answer any questions that might help get this sorted out. Also there's more detail here.


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