Playlists with different sampling tracks

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Playlists with different sampling tracks

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Using MPD 0.19.
Everything works fine for me, except a little issue.

When using playlists with different sampling tracks (16/44, 24/96 and DSD64 for example), as my audio system needs some "time" to synchronize to the 'new" sampling, this leads to the disappearance of the very beginning of next track when it does not have the same sampling as previous one (and the next track does not contain silence at its beginning).

A solution could be to add some "new sampling" silence before the track itself when sampling of next track in the playlist is not the same as the current track (and not add a systematic silence not to break albums gapless play)

Could someone give me some hints about what routines to look at inside MPD sources to do this?
I am a newbie to MPD sources :oops:

Best and kind regards
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