[Solved] Crossfading with MIXRAMP tags - how do tags work?

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[Solved] Crossfading with MIXRAMP tags - how do tags work?

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I'm trying to find any information on crossfading with MPD.

According to the documentation, MIXRAMP tags allow to control crossfading.

Alas I can't find any detailed definition of how the tags work.

MPD docs (http://www.musicpd.org/doc/protocol/ch03s02.html) point
to http://www.musicpd.org/doc/protocol/ch03s02.html where no documentation
can be found.

The only usable example was on http://debian.dev-zero.nl/blog/archives/225

Code: Select all

TXXX=mixramp_end=-31.22 0.26;-15.93 3.96;-14.23 4.06;-7.86 4.16;-2.62 4.26;
TXXX=mixramp_start=1.83 0.00;3.72 0.10;6.06 2.30;
Does anyone know exactly what the value pairs are and what the mixamp_ref value means
or where I can find a proper definition of the tag format?


## UPDATE ##

Solved. The pairs are db-value and time. The db values are in reference to the
mixamp_ref tag, this is why they can be positive or negative.

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