Spotify Integration with MPD

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Spotify Integration with MPD

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Hi, I am using MPD (with a huge audio library on multiple NA-Storages) on my Linux Server (with an external DAC which is connected to my AVR) and I also have a Spotify premium account (which I currently access via an App that is installed on my AVR). Thus, I can use MPD and Spotify but I still have to switch between my local music library and my remote playlists on Spotify. Now I'ld like to integrate Spotify with MPD.
Is see three options:

1) Use Mopidy and a bridge to MPD:
AFAIK Mopidy is an Spotify Client that supports the MPD protocol. Thus, it is basically independent of MPD, but any MPD client can be used to access Spotify content via Mopidy. I cannot use Mopidy only, since then, I could not access my local NAS and DAC anymore. Thus, I probably need to bridge from Mopidy to MPD (via HTTP?) or vice versa.

2) Use the Despotify plugin
AFAIK Despotify is a lightweight text-based client for Spotify.The latest MPD versions (including mine) have a Despotify-plugin. Thus, it should be possible to use the MPD server (with the Despotify plugin) as a Spotify client. Unfortunately, I don't know how to configure this

3) Use a different server software and bridge to MPD:
AFAIK Logitech Media Server/Squeezelite/XBMC (and other headless streaming servers) run on Linux and can access Spotify (and other streaming services like WIMP). Moreover, these servers can be accessed via UPnP/DLNA and a UPnP plugin for MPD exists. Thus, it should be possible to bridge from the MPD server to any of these servers to access remote playlists as if they were local.

Has anyone ever build one of these solutions (or another one) and can tell me how to configure it?
The second solution (via Despotify) is probably the most simple one, since I already have the Despotify plugin in my MPD server. How do I tell it, to provide my MPD clients access to my Spotify premium account and to my local media at the same time?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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