How to configure playlistname of radio-stream?

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How to configure playlistname of radio-stream?

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I managed to configure mpd (v0.17.5) to send radio-streams to my active-speakers. The speakers contain a usb-dac (usb-soundcard) and I'm running a headless arch-linux on a raspberry pi. I really like this setup :D , thanks a lot for developing mpd!

I do have a problem with controlling the radio-stations though, which might be question for the MPDroid-developer. But maybe I can set something in the mpd.conf, so I thought of asking here first:
I'm using the android-applet MPDroid on a smartphone to control mpd. For each station a have a .m3u-file in /var/lib/mpd/music, each file containing just the link to the station.

The playlist of MPDroid seems to show whatever the radiostation is sending.

E.g. for BBC1 ist is a constant
and for
WDR 2 ist is always changing like
Immer Ihre Musik: "Name of the song that is played"
With most stations just the songtitle is shown in the playlist.

So I end up with a playlist of mainly songtitles, which makes it very hard for me to select a certain radio-channel, because I have to remember which song was played last by this channel. I would rahter like to have a clean list containing only the names of the radiostations (BBC1, WDR 2, ...).

While a choosen station (e.g WDR 2) is playing it would be nice to see the song that is played of course. But when I switch to a different channel (e.g BBC 1) I would like to see again the name of the station I just left (WDR 2) and not the songtitle it was just playing.

Any ideas?

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