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Re: Will GMPC run without a full dektop GUI

Posted: December 5th, 2018, 8:39 pm
by Qwin
laptop(wifi) Ping to default gateway, min 1ms, max 10ms, avg 3ms.

The second time I pinged from laptop to SBC it averaged 26ms, even slower.

I didn't realize this is classed as slow.

I tried ping from SBC (Gigabit Ethernet) to default gateway, it got stuck and kept sending every 1 sec. I stopped it after 330 sends (ctl+Alt+Del). It was reporting an average around 0.02ms each send (64bytes).

"Common Odroid C2 issue says Ma Google. And a showstopper. Fix it before you continue." I will see what the ODROID forum has on the subject in the morning. Just got back from a Hospital appointment and feeling knackered.

Re: Will GMPC run without a full dektop GUI

Posted: December 7th, 2018, 12:08 pm
by Qwin
Sorted the issue pinging from Ubuntu SBC to the Windows10 Laptop.
Windows defender was blocking it, though there was nothing warning you this was happening.

Also found out why pinging the Router (default Gateway) from the SBC kept constantly sending packets, this is what Linux, or at least Ubuntu version, does as default. "Ping IP address" keeps sending individual packets and reporting back on each indefinitely, until you stop it with "Ctl+Alt". If you want to send say just 3 packets use "Ping -c3 IP Address" The number is a variable of your choice.
Windows ping sends a group of four packets by default.

All simple Nooby mistakes on my part.
The network seems to be working as it should now.

Although I could not get a definitive answer as to whether GMPC has its own GUI and I got conflicting answers on 4 different forums, I have decided to install the Client for MPD on my Laptop for now and control it from there.

Re: [SOLVED] Will GMPC run without a full dektop GUI

Posted: December 11th, 2018, 3:25 pm
by Qwin
Got Cantata (MPD Graphical Client) loaded on my Windows 10 Laptop.
Configured and it sees the 10 track library I set up on the SBC across the network.
When I play the track from Cantata/Laptop sound comes from the HDMI monitor plugged into the SBC, so that's a great start. :P