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working on a javascript client library (also a new client)

Posted: September 8th, 2015, 12:49 pm
by Bobboau
So I've been working on this for a few weeks and I figure I should let some people who might be interested in it know. I hope this is the appropriate forum for this sort of thing, if not I apologize.

That is my (still work in progress) attempt at a more or less fully featured javascript MPD client library. There have been innumerable MPD web clients over the years, and every time one is made several wheels are reinvented. This seems like a huge waist of effort that could be put toward making a better user experience. The idea here is to make an easy to use javascript library that abstracts all of the complexities of communicating with an MPD instance and maintaining state info in a self contained library that can be reused in multiple front ends, making development of new webclients easier and allow easy MPD integration in other products (think MPD support in a home automation web interface for instance). It presently supports a fairly large subset of available MPD functionality, but there do exist features I have not yet implemented (things like stickers and message channels mostly because I don't personally have a use for them at the moment). I hope someone finds this useful, if this sounds interesting to you be sure to check the API Documentation. I am very much interested in criticism, suggestions, feature requests, and/or patches/pull requests (if only I could be so lucky)

I also have a (yet another) web client based on this. It's not nearly as far along though and I've been mainly focusing on chrome and android mobile (also chrome) compatibility so far, though I do intend it to be fully crossbrowser eventually. It's intended to be a fully featured multi-instance front end that will allow you to control multiple instances on multiple hosts from the same interface. If you can get it working it would be nice to get some feedback on it.