mpdroid is being pulled from google play store :(

There are many, many clients for MPD. Many of them are old and unsupported, but maybe someone here can help you with them anyway...
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mpdroid is being pulled from google play store :(

Post by KlinktBeter » December 3rd, 2014, 9:30 pm

When mpdroid was updated, a message appeared with this link:

It seems google has pulled them due to some copyright issue, but without any real possibility for the dev to defend himself.
This is really a shame for google. mpdroid was a good client, except for the lacking auto discovery using zeroconf (like mpad does)
In 2014 it's still difficult to tell a customer to enter the IP of his music server in the app, when most apps do autodisovery like the official LMS client and most clients of commercial music servers & network players.

We advised mpdroid with our server which is mpd based .... but guess this will have a big impact on our further using of mpd as well.
We cannot force users to buy an ipad (like aurender does) and force them one client

This is just a sad day for android users

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Re: mpdroid is being pulled from google play store :(

Post by haok » December 12th, 2014, 12:04 am

Good news. The decision has been reversed. MPDroid stays

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