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Windows MPD client for multimedia keys

Posted: November 25th, 2013, 4:12 pm
by ayryq
Hi, I just switched from GNU/Linux to Windows 7 for a time. I'm looking for a MPD client that can do one thing:

I'd like it to respond to multimedia keys while not focused. I.e. minimized to tray or taskbar, I can still hit the button on my mouse or keyboard mapped to the key "play/pause"

GMPC can't, nor Auremo, nor WpfMpdClient. I haven't got Ario working yet, but I'm not hopeful that a native GTK application is going to do this specific thing.

Any advice? Thanks!


Re: Windows MPD client for multimedia keys

Posted: November 26th, 2013, 1:16 am
by ayryq
I got this working, but not real elegantly.

I found an application that lets keys be mapped to arbitrary commands; it's called HotKeyP, found at
HotKeyP has the proper "hooks" to listen to hotkeys even when minimized to tray. (It probably doesn't work if another application using those same multimedia keys is focused.)

I used this application to map the Play/Pause key to the command-line version of mpc. (e.g. mpc -h musicserver toggle). Finding the command line version of mpc for windows was surprisingly the hardest part, but I finally found it right here on this website: ...

By the way, I'm using the thumb-button on my Logitech MX Revolution to control MPD - push in to play/pause, forward and back advance and rewind the track.

Hope this helps someone else.