Status audio field format for DSD

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Status audio field format for DSD

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I was writing a simple app in Rust using the mpd crate when I hit upon this issue. The supposed format for the audio field of the status command response is

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according to the docs. I get the following while playing a DSF file:

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OK MPD 0.20.0
volume: 100
repeat: 0
random: 0
single: 0
consume: 0
playlist: 76
playlistlength: 6
mixrampdb: 0.000000
state: play
song: 0
songid: 51
time: 16:629
elapsed: 16.253
bitrate: 2822
duration: 628.993
audio: dsd64:2
nextsong: 1
nextsongid: 52
Where can I find the specification for the possible formats of that field. The current implementation of the mpd crate expects three integer values separated with a column. Is it wrong in doing so?
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Re: Status audio field format for DSD

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Read The Fine Manual!

Here ... d-s-status it says "audio: The format emitted by the decoder plugin during playback, format: *samplerate:bits:channels*. Check the user manual for a detailed explanation."

Here ... io-outputs the user manual tells you possible values.
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