since mpd 0.21 I get Failed to open ALSA device "hw:0,0"

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since mpd 0.21 I get Failed to open ALSA device "hw:0,0"

Post by delleceste »

AS in the subject, since I've updated to mpd 0.21 I get this message on the mpd.log

Apr 08 14:32 : exception: Failed to open "Bryston BDA-2" (alsa)
Apr 08 14:32 : exception: nested: Failed to open ALSA device "hw:0,0": No such file or directory


follow_outside_symlinks "yes"
follow_inside_symlinks "yes"
db_file "/var/lib/mpd/mpd.db"
log_file "/var/log/mpd.log"
pid_file "/var/run/mpd/pid"
music_directory "/var/lib/mpd/musica"
playlist_directory "/var/lib/mpd/playlists"
state_file "/var/lib/mpd/mpdstate"
user "mpd"
bind_to_address ""
port "6600"
log_level "default"
volume_normalization "no"
audio_buffer_size "16384"
buffer_before_play "20%"
filesystem_charset "UTF-8"
id3v1_encoding "UTF-8"
gapless_mp3_playback "yes"
auto_update "no"
mixer_type "disabled"
group "mpd"
max_connections "20"
restore_paused "yes"

decoder {
plugin "ffmpeg"
enabled "yes"

input {
plugin "curl"

audio_output {
enabled "yes"
type "alsa"
name "Bryston BDA-2"
device "hw:0,0"
auto_resample "no"
auto_channels "no"
auto_format "no"
dsd_usb "no"

audio_output {
type "alsa"
name "BDA-2-0.05us_buf"
device "hw:0,0"
mixer_type "none"
dsd_usb "no"
buffer_time "50000"
period_time "256000000"
auto_resample "no"

auto_channels "no"

auto_format "no"
use_mmap "no"

===================== mpd --version ============

[root@arki MPD]# ./src/mpd --version
Music Player Daemon 0.21 (d1afd06fa)

Copyright (C) 2003-2007 Warren Dukes <>
Copyright 2008-2017 Max Kellermann <>
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO

Database plugins:
simple proxy upnp

Storage plugins:
local smbclient nfs curl

Neighbor plugins:
smbclient upnp

Decoders plugins:
[mad] mp3 mp2
[mpg123] mp3
[vorbis] ogg oga
[oggflac] ogg oga
[flac] flac
[opus] opus ogg oga
[sndfile] wav aiff aif au snd paf iff svx sf voc w64 pvf xi htk caf sd2
[audiofile] wav au aiff aif
[dsdiff] dff
[dsf] dsf
[hybrid_dsd] m4a
[faad] aac
[mpcdec] mpc
[wavpack] wv
[modplug] 669 amf ams dbm dfm dsm far it med mdl mod mtm mt2 okt s3m stm ult umx xm
[wildmidi] mid
[fluidsynth] mid
[ffmpeg] 16sv 3g2 3gp 4xm 8svx aa3 aac ac3 adx afc aif aifc aiff al alaw amr anim apc ape asf atrac au aud avi avm2 avs bap bfi c93 cak cin cmv cpk daud dct divx dts dv dvd dxa eac3 film flac flc fli fll flx flv g726 gsm gxf iss m1v m2v m2t m2ts m4a m4b m4v mad mj2 mjpeg mjpg mka mkv mlp mm mmf mov mp+ mp1 mp2 mp3 mp4 mpc mpeg mpg mpga mpp mpu mve mvi mxf nc nsv nut nuv oga ogm ogv ogx oma ogg omg opus psp pva qcp qt r3d ra ram rl2 rm rmvb roq rpl rvc shn smk snd sol son spx str swf tak tgi tgq tgv thp ts tsp tta xa xvid uv uv2 vb vid vob voc vp6 vmd wav webm wma wmv wsaud wsvga wv wve
[gme] ay gbs gym hes kss nsf nsfe sap spc vgm vgz
[sacdiso] dat iso
[dvdaiso] iso

libsamplerate soxr

Tag plugins:

Output plugins:
shout null fifo pipe alsa ao oss openal httpd recorder

Encoder plugins:
null vorbis opus lame twolame wave flac

Archive plugins:
[bz2] bz2
[zzip] zip
[iso] iso

Input plugins:
file archive alsa tidal qobuz curl ffmpeg smbclient nfs mms cdio_paranoia

Playlist plugins:
extm3u m3u pls xspf asx rss soundcloud flac cue embcue

file:// http:// https:// mms:// mmsh:// mmst:// mmsu:// gopher:// rtp:// rtsp:// rtmp:// rtmpt:// rtmps:// smb:// nfs:// cdda:// alsa:// qobuz:// tidal://

Other features:
avahi epoll icu inotify ipv6 systemd tcp un



[root@arki MPD]# uname -aro
Linux arki 4.15.15-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Sat Mar 31 23:59:25 UTC 2018 x86_64 GNU/Linux


[root@arki MPD]# cat /proc/asound/cards
0 [B20 ]: USB-Audio - Bryston USB Audio 2.0
Bryston Bryston USB Audio 2.0 at usb-0000:00:14.0-3, high speed


[root@arki Volume 1]# cat /proc/asound/modules
0 snd_usb_audio


[root@arki Volume 1]# cat /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-bryston-index-0.conf
options snd_usb_audio index=0

# Disabilito la scheda integrata
blacklist snd_hda_intel

# options snd_hda_intel index=1



[root@arki Velvet Underground]# cat /proc/asound/version
Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Version k4.15.15-1-ARCH.

Earlier versions of MPD work with this very same configuration.

Thanks for any hint.

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Re: since mpd 0.21 I get Failed to open ALSA device "hw:0,0"

Post by max »

Post the output of "git status", "git describe", "git branch" and "git remote show origin".
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Re: since mpd 0.21 I get Failed to open ALSA device "hw:0,0"

Post by max »

Meanwhile I found out that you are NOT using MPD. You are using a different software which was forked from MPD, and pretends it is MPD, but it is not. No support for this software.
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