Database and release questions

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Database and release questions

Post by mimabox »

Hi folks,

We are currently building a system based on MPD. This system requires the end-user to know what songs there are available so they can be put into the queue.

Now, as we're working with databases, we are interested in what DB MPD is using. From checking the sticker.sql file it seems like a SQLite3 DB, however, we can't really attach to it.

Furthermore we noticed you guys already implemented the 'reset a songs priority after playback' feature, but didn't release 0.20.0 just yet. Do you have any data on when this version might possibly get officially released?
Last but not least: If the release gets postponed by more than ~2 weeks, how would we be able to compile the MPD ourselves and use the non-official version until an official update got released?

All the best,

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Re: Database and release questions

Post by max »

The database for storing music metadata is custom. Do not read the file. Use the MPD protocol to query it.

MPD 0.20 will not be released in the next few weeks. But it's open source - of course you can compile it at any time!

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