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MPD on Beagle Board Black

Posted: November 28th, 2013, 5:19 pm
by dogrocket
Just a note on using MPD on circuitco's BBB. There a few linux distributions that have been built for the beagle, among them ubuntu, arch and angstrom. When I ran MPD on arch linux it didnt recognize Neon and when doing playback especially of mp3's skipping was encountered. It seems the (Default) angstrom version that comes on the board is the best for running mpd because it recognizes the Neon extension plugs. Texas Instruments provides optimizations for hardware in the angstrom kernel which helps. Supposedly T.I. just came out with sgx(sdk) video core drivers that will work with angstrom. I will try to put the sdk addition in and see what happens. It may be possible to access the h.264 / aac? hardware codec built into the core. Although I dont know how much work it would be to get MPD to utilize this. Angstrom also has a hook for propriety audio made by T.I. called McAsp, this uses the I2S interface, supposedly it can do audio transfers at 128khz with multichannel (surround sound). Maybe we can get advanced bit rate and surround sound working on MPD? hint.. Evidently it needs a software fix by T.I. for a minor audio wave shape issue and who knows when that will be. I'm currently using alsa with mpd, as I dont care for pulse and its extra latency. With X11/Gnome disabled I experience no skipping from mpd and track switching in less than a second. With MPDroid response is lightning fast.