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What internet feeds work now?

Posted: November 28th, 2013, 4:41 am
by dogrocket
I need an internet feed to work through mpd for demonstration purposes. What one would be good to use that sends artist, art and other tags? Outside of magnetune I heard spotify and are both now broken and have yet to see any info on how to implement soundcloud, although mpd does complain about missing api key. Does it work? Are there any docs for it? It seems magnetune is my only option though its not streaming current popular artists. And popular / familiar music is what I desire.

Might I suggest that perhaps a resolver that presents itself to host like its a browser (firefox?) and uses code from firefox to feed sound output to mpd might be the way to go? That way whatever javascript/ajax decode bits that are sent from host could be used. The coding would mostly be firefoxes own except for the required stream and art / tags feed. I would try it but Nope I cant code.... lol