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how to list the content of a playlist with libmpdclient?

Posted: November 1st, 2013, 10:44 pm
by cypax
Hi there,

I'm currently developing a graphical client for mpd using libmpdclient (2.7) and I'm stuck with obtaining the content of a given playlist.

Based on the example code here I managed to get a list of names of all available playlists in the playlist directory. So far, so good.

Now I want to list the content of one of these playlists by using mpd_send_list_playlist(struct mpd_connection * connection, const char * name ) - is that correct so far?
If so, the function documentation says about it:
List the content of a stored playlist.
But it only returns true on success - so where is this list? How can I read from this list?
Is there some kind of mpd_recv_playlist_entry() or similar method?

Thanks for any help or hints!