Playing Internet Radio Streams - Webradio the easy way.

Discuss client development (or even MPD development if you feel so inclined), ask questions about the client libs, MPD feature requests from client developers, etc...
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Playing Internet Radio Streams - Webradio the easy way.

Post by 6i6i » October 1st, 2013, 7:48 pm


I have a raspberry pi with mpd installed and it works really good. Altough i wish a few features, that would be nice.

I am also using XBMC and there is a plugin for automatically retrieving web radio stations and their URLS
I looked into the code of the plugin for XBMC and it is a very simple python script, wich feches the station URL's and Names and after that play this.

I tought it should be possible to implement a plugin for mpd to do the same. So that the plugin provides a "virtual" directory, where the user can browse the stations and play it.

I searched the forum and also the on the big search engine i didn't get any result how to implement a plugin for mpd.

Could you give me some advice just to get started?


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